Developer Contest Winner: SMS and Tracking with Salesforce

Alongside the Cloudstock event, we hosted a developer contest with a focus on getting business done with Salesforce. A stellar mix of entries from developers getting inspired through CRM tools, some who hacked on-site with us during Cloudstock. One productive app impressed us the most, and that was Michael Norton’s Twilio Messaging for Salesforce.

This twilio-salesforce fork enables Salesforce users to send voice or SMS messages to Leads and Contacts, then keeps track of the messages as Activity records. A button placed on the Lead and Contact page will take the Salesforce user to a custom Visualforce page that allows the user to type in the phone number and message for a contact. That message will hit the contact via SMS or voice, whatever is specified. Run through the screens of the app in action below, or grab the code for yourself here on Michael’s Github.

Mike is a Certified Advanced Developer and Twilio Advocate at AAA of Northern California. Follow him on Twitter @NortonMD and learn more about developing with the Salesforce API on his blog here.

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