Top Hat Monocle Helps Students Learn More Using Classroom Tools Powered by Twilio SMS

Walk into any school lecture and you will notice how many students are looking at their phones and how few are looking at the teacher. It’s no wonder that so many teachers try to discourage the use of cell phones and tablets. But Mike Silagadze, the co-founder of Top Hat Monocle, wanted to try a different approach. He wondered what would happen if the power of… Read More

Twilio Launches Telegram API in Partnership with TaskRabbit

At Twilio we strive to break down barriers to technology and empower developers with tools for innovation, which is why today is especially exciting as we introduce a brand new initiative in partnership with Taskrabbit. Today is the launch of Twilio Telegram, where you can use our simple REST API to send a telegram message and delivery all from within your app. Available now in all… Read More