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TEDxUCLA: Michael Newman Plays with Arduino, Nerf & Twilio


Michael Newman, VP of Technology at Pomp Productions, was invited to participate at the TEDxUCLA 2011 event to talk about “Making things”. Following a trip to Maker Faire and taking inspiration from mind controlled Nerf guns, Michael built a special project using Arduino, a Nerf Gun and Twilio.

What resulted was something extraordinarily brilliant, appropriately titled “Sketches of a Tangent Gone Awry.” Check out the video of his TedxUCLA talk below.

Sketches of a Tangent Gone Awry

All Your LCD Are Belong To Us

This SMS game scenario included balloons, audience location mapping, and a fully automatic, computer Nerf Machine Gun built on C, PHP, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery, Twilio PHP Rest API, an Arduino Microcontroller, and a custom built circuit board.

See all the sketches, in-progress photos and more pictures on Michael’s website.

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