Thursday in SF: Building Mobile Apps in the Cloud with HTML5 and Ruby on Rails

This Thursday we’re getting together with Engine Yard and Amazon Web Services to explore how to build and deploy mobile apps in the cloud with HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. Join us from 6pm to 9pm in Engine Yard’s Headquarters in San Francisco on April 12th, register now here.

Carter Rabasa of Twilio and Chris Tosswell of Engine Yard will lead us through a discussion of topics, with technical demos, including:

  • Best practices for building and deploying mobile apps with HTML5 & Ruby on Rails
  • Differences between deploying apps to smartphones and feature phones
  • Key services and technologies you should be considering
  • How you can deploy and scale faster (and with less work!) with the cloud

Look forward to seeing you there!

Carter Rabasa
Chris Tosswill

Getting Started with Engine Yard

Maybe you’d like to do a little hacking before the event? Read this great blog post from Chris Tosswell on Mobile Development with HTML5. Engine Yard provides a cloud platform to build and deploy Ruby on Rails apps both small and large. Visit the site to read more about their service along with sister service Orchestra for PHP apps.

Enough talk, let’s push this live! Take a look at this great video walkthrough on Deploying on Engine Yard Cloud: