Twilio Launches Telegram API in Partnership with TaskRabbit

At Twilio we strive to break down barriers to technology and empower developers with tools for innovation, which is why today is especially exciting as we introduce a brand new initiative in partnership with Taskrabbit. Today is the launch of Twilio Telegram, where you can use our simple REST API to send a telegram message and delivery all from within your app.

Available now in all US states and incorporated territories, any developer can implement telegram communication into their apps to send one or tens of messages hand couriered with style by your local Taskrabbit. Before today, companies faced the challenge of hefty telegraph hardware, plus the intense financial burden of breeding and managing an equestrian fleet. We’re opening the black box of telegraphy to everyone, allowing you to focus on what’s most important in your business while we handle the messy stallion logistics.

Getting Started with the Telegram API

Getting started is as easy as getting your horse to eat an apple and neigh. Follow these steps for a smooth telegram delivery:

  • Conceive your message or clever anecdote
  • Implement a simple HTTP Request to the Twilio REST API using the new Twilio Telegram documentation:
  • Twilio prints your telegram and delivers via Taskrabbit

Questions? Talk to a courier now: Call at 404-23-MORSE

JL & Sons Tonic Co. Business Booms with Twilio Telegram

We run a simple elixir business. Biggest west of the Mississippi. Cous’n Saul, he managed our messenger horses. Got bucked once and now he won’t go near them beasts. Since we started using Twilio, businesses has been boomin’ and Saul’s night terrors have quieted mightily.”

Jedediah Lamont
Proprietor, JL & Sons Tonic Co.

Your Business and Telegraphy

Your business is your priority and our goal is to provide you with right elements to grow your customer base. Adding Twilio Telegram to the product line is one more addition to the accessible tools you have at your fingertips. As you integrate telegraphy into your business and build solutions powered by Twilio Telegram we hope you will share your story with us.

  • Jay Godse

    That’s awesome! When are you going to roll out carrier pigeons? (You’ll need them for completeness). 

  • Don Jong

    What about getting SMS to work first? From many services SMS don’t reach Twilio numbers.

  • Omareo

    Smoke Signals API Pleez!!!

  • yoursunny

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