Twilio Expands Voice-Enabled Numbers in Four New EU Countries

Following the January expansion of Twilio Voice in five European countries, we are excited to add four new European countries to our international capabilities. Starting today, Twilio Voice-enabled numbers are available in Belgium, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden for only $1 per month.

Our focus is global as we continue to expand our international capabilities so you can grow your business reach and user-base around the world. If you are interested in helping us grow and provide feedback on international betas, please join our European Voice Beta Program.

How to Get Your New Number

The new European numbers are already populated in your account, just head to your dashboard to ‘Buy a Number’ and you’ll see the new countries in the drop-down list. These new numbers are $1 per month and $0.01 per incoming call minute.

Outbound call pricing varies based on the location you are calling. See the ‘International’ tab in your account dashboard and visit the International Pricing Page for more details.

Get Started with Twilio Voice

If you are new to Twilio, sign up now and get started with a free trial. We’ve got plenty of resources to help you get started, check these out and let us know if we can do anything else to make your experience a great one at or on Twitter @Twilio

As we grow our services around the globe, your products and services will also grow in international markets. Stay tuned as we continue to add new European countries over the coming months. Looking forward to see what you build!

  • Owen

    Hopefully SMS will happen too!

  • Stephen D Souza

    When is Twillio coming to Australia. or they already here?

  • Jacopo Anselmi

    Great! Are you guys coming also to Italy? Pleaseee