Make Calls Via Your Twitter Handle with Socialistr App

Kofi Bosque-Hamilton
Kofi Bosque-Hamilton

Kofi Bosque-Hamilton thought Twitter lacked a personal voice. So, he brought voice to Twitter–literally. Kofi, a senior developer at Oxfam America, made Socialistr, an app that allows you to make calls from one Twitter handle to another.

Kofi seeks to unite social media users in a more personal way, allowing them to use their own voices to interact. Socialistr is built on a Ruby, Python and PHP stack and uses Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit and Amazon S3 API for front end functionality – calls powered by Twilio Voice API. Once you login to Socialistr, click call, enter the Twitter handle Socialistr member you wish to call, click call again, and you’re talking to a Twitter contact. It’s that simple.

Kofi hopes that Socialistr will eventually move beyond Twitter handle to handle calls and allow hashtag to hashtag calls. “For example, if someone was looking for a job and wanted to speak to a potential employer, they would post ‘call #employer for #job in #rails,’” says Kofi.

See exactly how Socialistr works in Kofi’s screencast demo here:

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    This app has been moved and can now be found at – check it out