Netsuite COO Jim McGeever Joins Twilio’s Board Of Directors

We are pleased to welcome Jim McGeever, Netsuite COO, to Twilio’s Board of Directors and look forward to tapping into Jim’s knowledge and expertise from his previous cloud-based and financial focus.

As CFO at Netsuite, Jim was instrumental in growing Netsuite and expanding their business into multiple countries. In 2010, Jim transitioned from CFO to become COO of Netsuite. He brings a wealth of experience in cloud-based financials/ERP software suites to Twilio.

“Jim has an astounding track-record of leadership at NetSuite, a company that’s helped define the SaaS paradigm,” said Twilio CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Lawson. “We’re looking forward to harnessing Jim’s expertise as an active member of the Twilio Board of Directors.”

Last Friday, we sat down with Jim in Twilio HQ’s kitchen and asked him a few questions about joining the Board. Jim told us about a memorable project meeting he sat in on with the engineering team, saying, “In the meeting, watching everyone presenting new product ideas, I’ve never seen more genuine enthusiasm. I knew immediately this was a phenomenal culture.”

Jim joins the Board of Directors alongside Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures, Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners, and Twilio CEO and co-founder Jeff Lawson and CTO and co-founder Evan Cooke.