Learn How to Leverage Short Code Marketing with a Twilio-Hosted Webinar Series

Sign up now for our upcoming Mobile Marketing webinar series focused on Short Code marketing. This two session webinar will be held on Thursday August 2nd and the following Thursday August 9th helping you understand and succeed with short code campaigns.  Join leading mobile marketing experts for a deep dive into short code marketing with the first session “Leveraging Short Code Marketing in Your Customer Lifecyle”…. Read More

Website Updates are Easy via SMS with Text2Page

Paul Finn is a software developer in Portsmouth, NH and founder of Route 3 Software. While hanging with a chef at local restaurant he wondered if there was a better way than a chalkboard to update patrons of the daily specials. The challenge for the restaurant was the time it took to update its website. Paul thought, what if you could just text in your updates? In… Read More

Numbers for All: A New Approach to Trial Accounts

At Twilio we’re proud of our reputation for easing the pain of developers everywhere when creating new ways for people to communicate. That’s why we’re constantly improving the experience for developers building on our platform, whether they are longtime customers or just getting started with Twilio. Choosing and programming a phone number is a core part of our platform. But before today, that experience was limited… Read More

SMS Everywhere: Twilio Now Enables Messaging to over 150 Countries Worldwide

Today we launched Twilio SMS capabilities globally so that developers can send SMS messages to any destination around the world. This was the most widely requested feature ever by the community and we are thrilled to enable this for US and Canadian Twilio numbers. Now developers can enable their Twilio numbers to send and receive SMS message to over 150 countries worldwide, using the exact same… Read More

Twilio HackPack for Sinatra and Heroku

If you’re interested in using Twilio with your Ruby apps but are not very familiar with creating and deploying web apps in Sinatra or Heroku,  the Twilio Hackpack for Heroku and Sinatra is now available. Fork it now. This hackpack gives developers a simple way to build a full-fledged Sinatra app with Twilio integration. No need to worry about setting up a phone number, your application… Read More

CoderDojo, DoSomething.org and Twilio Team Up to Train the Next Generation of Hackers

Getting ready to fire up your barby this 4th of July? Good, because we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about what gets Twilio NYC fired up–mentoring the next generation of great hackers with the Mozilla Summer Code Party. Last Sunday, with the aid of lots of yummy and healthy snacks, Twilio Developer Evangelist Jack Aboutboul teamed up with CoderDojo NYC and DoSomething.org to participate in a Mozilla… Read More