Twilio HackPack for Sinatra and Heroku

If you’re interested in using Twilio with your Ruby apps but are not very familiar with creating and deploying web apps in Sinatra or Heroku,  the Twilio Hackpack for Heroku and Sinatra is now available. Fork it now.

This hackpack gives developers a simple way to build a full-fledged Sinatra app with Twilio integration. No need to worry about setting up a phone number, your application SID, redirect routes or Heroku config. Focus on the good stuff – actually writing your app.

To start using the hackpack:

Fork it from github

Install necessary gems:

Create your Heroku app:

Run the configuration file with your twilio accountSID and twilio authToken:

Start your app locally:

Deploy online to Heroku:

If you are building with Python instead of Ruby, check out this hackpack for Flask and Heroku by Rob Spectre.