Twilio London Calling: Field Notes from the UK

Photo Credit: Andreas Öjerfors

Welcome to London Calling!

 I will be writing a regular series of posts keeping you up to date with our European adventures. There is already an intrepid band of early adopters across Europe that are building the next generation of communication apps, and launching amazing companies. My mission is to get out there and meet everyone that is building something cool.

If you are already using Twilio I want to know about it. We love DOers around here, and I want to ensure we feature as many European DOers as possible. Also if you organise a developer meetup or other tech event and you think your crowd would like to know more about how to build communication enabled apps, get in touch and tell me all about it.

 In these first few weeks I have already come across some awesome stuff you should go and check out.

 ZenDesk have recently opened a new office in Paddington London, and they offer voice as one of their supported channels, which is configurable in just a few clicks. Vixo have created spreadsheets that can make phone calls – how cool is that? Watch their video to see it in action:

Build a call centre in 42 functions from Gordon Guthrie on Vimeo.

Leaderboarded who are based in TechHub are using text messaging for audience participation at events.

We are also excited to be supporting Young ReWired State to help inspire the next generation of DOers. You should check out the awesome work YRS are doing to find and foster the UK’s young coding talent.

The Twilio Europe team is based in White Bear Yard in Clerkenwell, London. Feel free to drop by and grab a coffee with us. We are a very friendly bunch! Just drop a tweet to either Stevie Graham who is our European Developer Evangelist, or myself.

We are also looking to hire, so keep an eye on

Till next time.