Windows Azure Contest: and Take Top Prizes

In July, Windows Azure launched with a fresh new look and awesome features. To celebrate, we teamed up to host a developer contest asking you to build something great. The submissions were incredible with great products and apps showcasing Twilio capabilities hosted on the Windows Azure cloud. After much deliberation, we picked the first place and runner up for the contest with taking home the gold, and coming in a close second. won a full year of Windows Azure hosting, in addition to ample Twilio credits and a full pass to TwilioCon 2012. grabbed plenty of Twilio credits to cover developments costs and another full pass to TwilioCon 2012. Check out these great apps that implement Twilio and are hosted by Windows Azure below. Finds The Closest Medical Care

This app was born at a hackathon by Dan Wilson (pictured far left) and Mark Olschesky (pictured left) and quickly turned into a real solution for people looking for medical care.  People without health insurance will often end up at emergency rooms for basic care, dealing with the high costs that come with it. allows patients to text a local number with their location, and the app replies with information around the nearest health care clinic and suggested transportation methods. Keeps You Updated with Stocks

Keeping an eye on the stock market can be (and is) a full time job, but Chris Holloway (pictured left) and Jacob Sherman (pictured right) are making it easier to manage and analyze the market. Our favorite part is the SMS notifications a user can set up for any major market changes, updates or just keeping up-to-date with their favorite stocks. from Jacob S on Vimeo.

Honorable Mentions

Though we could only pick two winners, we had a few apps that were just too good to not mention. First, take a look at #Docs, built by William Cheung, which lets users share documents from Microsoft SkyDrive via SMS powered by Twilio.

Placemat, built by Alex Swan, first debuted at Startup Weekend. This is a platform that connects people looking to enjoy a meal or host a dinner with new friends. Launching soon!

Stay Tuned for the latest Developer Contests

We launch new contests every month to inspire you to build new things and explore the capabilities of what you can build with Twilio. Keep watch on Twitter @twilio, the blog and our monthly newsletter for updates.