Twilio Top Developer Panel Picks for SXSW 2013

Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series could detail the great migration from San Francisco to Austin, TX for South by Southwest. Morgan Freeman would say, “Every year, in March, the startup world gathers up its laptops, free t-shirts, and Moleskines, to embark on a great journey from the cozy co-working spaces in San Francisco to the sultry South. From March 8th to March 12th these startups will engage with innovative panels, looking out onto the untouched terrain of their respective fields and boldly asking ‘what’s next?’”

With or without Morgan Freeman’s narration, you can imagine how many startups are coming to SXSW this year, Twilio included. To say the SXSW landscape is crowded is an understatement, but it’s also a hotbed of talent, and novel ideas. We’d like to give you a bird’s eye view of some great panels that you can vote to take place at SXSW this year.

Top Panel Picks for Developers

Heart of Code: Developer Program Best Practices
Join the good folks of AT&T, Sphero, and the Bluetooth SIG in a discussion of hackathon best practices, and how to build a successful developer program.

The Learn To Code Movement
Sasha Laundy, founder of Women Who Code and Twilio alum, will be presenting a panel with Adria Richards and Rob Conery on the future of coding, tackling everything from the programming jobs that will need to be filled in 2018 to what programming languages you should learn.

All About Hackathons & Value Add To Stakeholders
Let’s examine the ecosystem of a hackathon from all sides: event organizer, sponsors and API providers, hackers, and entrepreneurs. Alex Donn of AT&T, Tim Falls from SendGrid, and Gregg Alpert from Pearson will explore how to get the most of your hackathon.

The New API: Apps, Partners and Income
Application Programming Interface doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Adam DuVander wants to redefine the acronym, in order to draw attention to what APIs are really doing today: distributing apps, building new partners, and generating new income.

Hey A-hole, Stop Calling Yourself a Guru
Evan Hamilton of UserVoice challenges arbitrary titles such as “social media guru, expert, ninja” and says “on to the future of the community manager!”

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