Get Hands-On with Twilio During the TwilioCon 2012 Workshop Day

This year at TwilioCon 2012 we’re kicking everything off with a full day of hands-on workshops led by Twilio engineers, product managers and our team of developer evangelists. We’ll dive deep into Twilio 101 for Twilio Voice, SMS and Client, touching on the latest releases for each. In the second half of the day, we’ll split into two groups based on your familiarity with Twilio and what you are interested in learning. All levels and languages of programming are welcome but basic coding knowledge is recommended.

Below is the agenda for TwilioCon 2012 Workshop Day, happening on October 16th. Register now for TwilioCon and learn more about our speaker line up here. Want to win a full pass to the conference? Check out our latest developer contest.

Morning Agenda

Deep dive into Twilio products Voice, SMS and Client including the latest updates.

  • Twilio Voice 101
  • Twilio SMS 101
  • Twilio Client 101, iOS and Android SDK

Afternoon Agenda

Getting Started with Twilio
This group will build a dynamic SMS app from start to finish with help on developer environment, local hosting and deployment. In this session you will:

  • Set up a development environment for SMS
  • Build a dynamic application
  • Test your dynamic application
  • Deploy and build out application connections

Twilio Veterans
The Advanced group will walk through building a two-factor authentication app and a dynamic call center with Twilio Client capabilities. In this session you will:

All attendees will walk away with the skills and tools to build their own Twilio-powered products.