TwilioCon 2012 Speakers: Mobile Commons, Datalot, Code For America and More

Last week we released the Workshop Agenda, a full day of hands-on sessions with Twilio products and today we’re following up with five exciting new speakers. Keep an eye on the blog and the TwilioCon 2012 site for updates as we continue to add new content and release the upcoming schedule. Find out what TwilioCon is all about, and register today for the event.

Meet the Latest Speakers

Kunal Batra

Kunal Batra is the founder and CEO of General Machines, a company that combines Machine Learning with Telecom.  His company’s first product is Deaftel Wireless, a Twilio powered phone service for the Deaf and people with hearing loss or speech impediments. Prior to founding General Machines, Kunal was a co-founder of, a rate and review social network for ethnic businesses.


Steve Klabnik

Steve Klabnik is a Ruby Hero, software craftsman, and an aspiring digital humanities scholar. He spends most of his time contributing to Open Source projects, and maintains both Hackety Hack and Shoes. He also teaches classes with Jumpstart Lab.

Mal McKay

Mal McKay is the Lead Developer at Mobile Commons,  the technology behind the mobile messaging campaigns for the country’s leading non-profit and advocacy groups. Mal spends his time making Mobile Commons super easy to use and then scaling the backend to keep up. Mal now lives in Brooklyn, NY, but he spent so long in Ireland that you can no longer tell where he’s from (Virginia)

Emily Wright Moore

Emily Wright Moore is a UX Designer and 2012 Fellow at Code for America, a nonprofit tech company that helps local governments work more like the internet. She’s working with the City of Austin to help homeowners deal with the changing climate in Texas. Her team is building – an application that helps citizens and local government collaborate in order to prepare for wildfires and other natural disasters.

Pete Moore

Pete Moore is the Co-Founder at Ninja Blocks, a powerful small computer for sensing and controlling things in your physical environment. Before founding Ninja Blocks, Pete founded Cenqua a development tools company acquired by Atlassian later acquired by Atlassian. When he’s not hacking or founding he’s at the beach in Sydney with his kids.

Hannah Robinett

Hannah Robinett is a User Interface Designer and Front-End Developer at Datalot, a lead generation company in Brooklyn, NY. She has a passion for designing clean, intuitive interfaces that are beautiful and easy to use. A fun hack Hannah designed for World of Fourcraft helped fuel it’s viral growth resulting in 1 million checkins. Hannah is also a studio artist and her artwork has been shown internationally including in New York, DC and Berlin.