Caremerge Automates Communications for Long Term Care Facilities

Caremerge is disrupting and old industry with new tech. The young company recently won the InnovateLTC and LINKTank award for  “Most Innovative Company of 2012 in Long Term Care.” Caremerge is bringing mobile apps powered by Twilio to the long term care industry, connecting families, residents, nurses and doctors, all while saving time and money.

The company, based in Chicago, was founded in 2011 by Fahad Aziz and Asif Kahn. Asif previously worked at GE Healthcare IT in senior level marketing roles while Fahad worked for various Fortune 500 companies in SaaS. The two co-founders sought to solve the problem of miscommunication between hospitals and long term care facilities by creating web and mobile apps that streamline communication and organize vital health data.

Fahad and Asif spent time in long term care facilities observing how nurses recorded data, communicated with family members and hospitals, and complied with the documentation-heavy requirements of the long term care industry. Staff were using sticky notes, whiteboards, calendars, and checklists to organize and communicate data to residents. Sticky notes got lost, calendars were hard for residents to read, and ultimately hospitals didn’t receive all the information on checklists and whiteboards.

Caremerge to the Rescue

Caremerge’s solution was to pipe all that data through applications that would organize and distribute the information efficiently to the proper parties. With Caremerge, staff can use automated calendar updates as reminders instead of sticky notes. Nurses can record resident’s vitals and other critical information on a mobile app and have the information automatically pushed to the appropriate parties (hospitals, doctors, families, etc.) instead of faxing paper forms or playing phone tag.

Caremerge also has a variety of apps to help organize staff, reduce paperwork and engage with families of patients. One example is the app, “Activities”, which streamlines the process of getting a resident to an activity for both the resident and staff.

When a resident is signed up for an activity, Caremerge uses Twilio Voice to inform the resident about their activity as a reminder. Another app allows the staff to use Twilio SMS to inform each other of various tasks that need to be performed for residents throughout the day.

Managing Activities for Senior Living Communities from Fahad Aziz on Vimeo.

Caremerge seeks to be the first provider of easy-to-use apps that provide long term care facilities the ability to engage their clients on a real-time basis, while maintaining a clear channel of communication with hospitals, physicians and families. The company is currently in talks with a number of long term care facilities and hopes to bring their apps and expertise to hospitals in the coming year.