Y Combinator Demo Day: A Look At Twilio Powered Companies

Y Combinator recently had its famed Demo Day for the Summer 2012 class and we saw an impressive list of great companies pop up in the news this week. Congrats to all of the companies involved!

In partnership with Y Combinator, Twilio supports these startups with an accelerator credit to help companies build and test as much as possible, and lessen the burden of getting what’s most important: launching a product. Below, we highlight the Twilio-powered companies that demoed this week, in addition to one Twilio alum’s company led by Danielle Morrill. You can find a full list of all the companies that demoed this week from this great article on Forbes. If you are a Twilio-powered company that we overlooked, please email community@twilio.com and say hello.


Instacart brings groceries to you. Make your order from the app and have your shopping list delivered to your door. Once you place your order, you’ll receive a confirmation text, powered by Twilio. You pay $9.99 for delivery within 1 hour of your order, and $3.99 for delivery within 3 hours of your order.


Referly is a referral marketing service that is equal parts social and commercial. Recommend any products to your friends and when they buy, you get a kickback. Referly recently launched a Developer API so companies can generate rewards for their customers and drum up new business. Congratulations Danielle!


viaCycle has been dubbed “ZipCar for bikes.” The company is making bike sharing simple with a custom lock system on their bikes that can be unlocked via Twilio SMS or Voice. The locks also track location, mechanical condition of the bike, and duration of rental. Check out the interview we recently had with CTO Sid Doshi.


The three friends behind Zapier wanted to make a service that would allow someone to integrate one app with another without writing a single line of code. Drag and drop one app in the “trigger” box and one in the “action” box, press Zap, and your apps are synced. For example, receive an SMS when you get a new customer on Stripe, powered by Twilio.