Download the Latest Updates to Twilio Client iOS and Android SDK

Developers are already building on the newly released iOS6 and Android 4.1, and we want to make sure your Twilio apps are current alongside these mobile operating systems. Today we’re releasing an update to our iOS and Android Twilio Client SDKs that include major performance improvements built to work with the latest versions of iOS (6.0) and Android (4.1). To upgrade, just download our most recent version… Read More

Get Started with Twilio Voice: Connect Call to Second Person Screencast

We’re back again with the third installment of our Twilio Voice Quickstart series. In this screencast, Jon Gottfried shows you how to connect a caller to a second person or, in Jon’s example, a second “real monkey.” Walk through how to dial out to a second caller by nesting the <Say> block inside <Gather> verbs. Using <Gather>, the caller can press a digit you specify and be… Read More

Plan Employee Shifts and Scheduling from Anywhere with When I Work

You don’t want an angry Mexican Wolf on your hands. And you definitely don’t want an angry Brown Bear on your hands. Those guys expect to be fed on time, so if a Columbus Zoo employee is late to feeding time, it’s a problem. Chad Halvorson (pictured left), CEO of When I Work, saw many businesses, such as the Columbus Zoo, spending valuable time fussing with… Read More

Advancing Business Communications

Thank you all very much for the warm congratulations and well wishes following the coverage on Twilio and AT&T’s Advanced Communication Suite, on Techcrunch and our release. We appreciate all your tweets, emails and calls you’ve made offering your support.  The end result will be small, medium and enterprise customers benefitting from improvement of business processes through pre-built communications applications built by third parties on Twilio’s… Read More

Join us at TwilioCon in the Community Hall, Apply Now

TwilioCon is just around the corner and we made space for a few more Twilio-powered startups in our expo area, the Community Hall. We’re looking for the best of the Twilio-powered bunch to join other DOers in the Community Hall to demo what they’re building. Does your Twilio-powered app make your friends say “whoa!”? Are you building a Twilio-powered company and you’re ready to show it… Read More

Wix: Keeping Web Design and Call Support Simple with Twilio

Avishai Abraham, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan created Wix to meet a global need for a drag-and-drop approach to creating beautiful, professional-looking websites—no technical or coding skills required. Following its release in 2008, Wix began growing at an exponential rate, hitting one million users in 2010, ten million in 2011 and 20 million in 2012. With users worldwide hard at work to personalize their space on… Read More

UserConf in October: Putting Customers First

Hey, don’t worry. No one at UserConf will try to pitch you. UserConf has a strict no-pitch policy so attendees can focus on what matters– the customer. UserVoice and CoSupport teamed up to organize an event where product is put on the back burner and user experience is put first. As a devoutly “no shenanigans” company, that’s something we can get behind. We’ll be at UserConf… Read More

Ovation Technologies: Empowering Small Businesses to Hire the Best

When it comes to hiring, small businesses often find themselves hopelessly outgunned. While large companies have the resources to blanket the Internet with job posts, and have an HR department to sort through thousands of resumes, small business owners often have limited time and funds to devote to the hiring process. Ovation Technologies, which launched this summer, offers a suite of mobile and cloud-based tools designed… Read More

Sales Software Crushpath Launches Instant Click-to-Call & Transcription, Powered by Twilio

Deals don’t happen in a database – that’s what Crushpath is solving for your sales team. Crushpath provides an online and mobile dashboard that builds a timeline around sales deal activities. Starting today, that now including phone calls. The dashboard collects all activity surrounding a deal including emails, team and customer comments, files and more. Crushpath also allows you to create metrics dashboards and specific customer landing pages…. Read More