Sales Software Crushpath Launches Instant Click-to-Call & Transcription, Powered by Twilio

Deals don’t happen in a database – that’s what Crushpath is solving for your sales team. Crushpath provides an online and mobile dashboard that builds a timeline around sales deal activities. Starting today, that now including phone calls.

The dashboard collects all activity surrounding a deal including emails, team and customer comments, files and more. Crushpath also allows you to create metrics dashboards and specific customer landing pages. Launched today, Crushpath now tracks your phone calls with a new click-to-call capability with transcription, powered by Twilio Voice.

Below is a guest post from Matt Wilkinson, Co-Founder and SVP of Product at Crushpath explaining this new feature and why it’s important in the sales cycle. Originally posted on the company blog here

Announcing Crushpath Instant Call and Transcribe

We believe business creators should spend all their time driving relationships, not recording their work. One massive area of waste is phone calls. Today, your phone calls don’t live anywhere. It’s impossible to see who called whom, what they said, or discover valuable content within the conversations.

In building Crushpath, we’ve striven to give the user complete control over their deal. This control goes well beyond tracking deal activity and focuses on buyer engagement. In the first release of Crushpath, we created channels for buyer engagement via our Customer Sites as well as integrated one of the most familiar mediums of communication: email. However we knew we were still missing a key communication channel: the phone.

Today that’s over. We’re excited to announce a new instant call-and-transcribe feature to Crushpath, powered by Twilio. Now the folks driving the deal have to do nothing more than click on a prospect’s phone number and their phone will automatically begin calling that prospect.

All you have to do is have the conversation and we do the rest. We instantly populate the Crushpath with a record of the call– whether you got their voicemail, an audio file of the conversation, even a transcript. And all automatically.

If you have CRM integration enabled, those phone activities now get pushed back into that database for you.  No extra steps necessary to ensure ops has their information to run reports.

We are excited for you to try this integration and look forward to your feedback.

We are very happy about the partnership with Twilio. The Twilio team has been an extension of ours since day one.

Each person we worked with at Twilio brought such passion about their company, product, and co-workers. Anyone interested on building on top of of a killer voice and messaging platform should definitely check out Twilio.

‘Til next time, keep on closing!