Gryphn Secure Messaging: SMS Messages Secure Enough for SWAT

Sometimes a text is just a text. But, sometimes a text contains confidential, time sensitive information about Abbeville County, South Carolina’s SWAT team’s rallying point. When you’re worrying about bad guys with guns, you’d rather not dwell on the security of your text message. The three friends who founded the mobile security company Gryphn are working to make texting more secure for the Abbeville SWAT team, and… Read More

#TwilioCon 2012 Official After Party with The Hood Internet

After three days of workshops, in-depth technical content and awesome breakout sessions, it’s time to <Play>. All TwilioCon attendees are invited to the official after party on Thursday, October 18th at the SF Galleria. The best part? You’ll find The Hood Internet on decks. This hip hop, indie rock mashup duo from Chicago will spin the soundtrack to the evening as we celebrate another TwilioCon gone… Read More

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App Part 1: Node.js & CouchDB

This is the first in a multi-part series of blog posts on building a real-time SMS and voice voting application using Node.js. In part one, we will create the Node.js application, set-up the CouchDB database and connect everything to Twilio so that we can process votes via SMS. A few months ago, I was attending Startup Weekend GOV in Seattle where Twilio was a sponsor. I… Read More

Get Started with Twilio Voice: Play MP3 For Caller ScreenCast

Learn more about Twilio Voice in our second installment of the Twilio Voice Quickstart series. Watch the first Voice Quickstart to learn how to script a message and greet a caller by name. Time to work with <Play>. In this walkthrough, Jon Gottfried shows you how to play an audio file for your caller using a few lines of TwiML. Jon chose to Rickroll his caller,… Read More

Urban Savers Caters to Thrifty Urbanites With SMS Notifications

Who doesn’t like to save a little cash, especially on something you are already interested in purchasing. If you’re like me,  this is how you end up subscribed to different services for daily deals. The problem is that most of the time the offers aren’t relevant. This is where Urban Savers and the product GroupText comes in, founded by developer and serial entrepreneur Craig Dixon. We had a chance to… Read More

Queue Call In Hour: Books, Burritos and The Q Continuum

Yesterday we wrapped up our first ever Queue Call In Hour with Jeff Lawson live on the line, taking your calls and questions. The community dialed in to ask Jeff hard hitting questions like “How does Twilio leverage events to reach developers?” to dilemmas such as “Does having control over the space time continuum beat having a bunch of gadgets?” A special thanks goes to everyone… Read More

#TwilioCon 2012 Schedule and Agenda Now Live

The full agenda for TwilioCon 2012 keynotes, sessions and workshops are live! You can see the detailed programming and full list of speakers here on the TwilioCon site. Register today for three full days of Twilio-powered content. See you in October. Below is an overview of all three days of events, see the full agenda here. Workshop Day Tuesday, October 16th 9am – Noon Twilio Product… Read More