Dial in to the Queue Call-in Hour with Jeff Lawson this Thursday

Turn up your volumes and tune in to Twilio 133.7, it’s time for the <Queue> Call-in Hour. Prepare your questions and get ready to dial in, we’re featuring Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson this Thursday at 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT. For one hour this Thursday, Jeff Lawson will be live on the line answering all of your calls, powered by Twilio <Queue>. We’re looking forward to… Read More

#TCDisrupt: Tacos, Top Code and Twilio-Powered Hacks

At the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon, hundreds of hackers and over 35 API sponsors poured into the concourse exhibition warehouse to build the next big thing. Hackers from all over the world came out to talk shop, devour pizza, and inaugurate the future. With respect and prizes up for grabs, there was good reason to choose coding over sleeping. Let’s take a quick look at the… Read More

Precision Polling Offers Fast, Accessible Polls with Twilio’s API

Shortly after the 2008 presidential election, Gaurav Oberoi, a technologist and successful entrepreneur, agreed to do some research for a friend who was launching a new political consulting firm and wanted to conduct low-cost automated polls. To his surprise, Oberoi discovered the options were limited. The services that existed required expensive setup fees and had limited functionality. “All of the software was about a decade old,”… Read More

Instant Connections Between Leads and Sales Reps with FormActivate

What stops a deal dead in it’s tracks? Phone tag, unanswered emails, long gaps of time, and unprepared sales reps. The two founders of FormActivate got tired of chasing their tails while chasing their leads, and came up with a new way for prospects and sales reps to communicate. Brad Slavin and Steve Shulman saw businesses spending buckets of money purchasing lists of leads, only to… Read More

Podcast Interview: Harley Manning of Forrester Talks Customer Experience, New Book “Outside In”

Understanding your customers can make or break your business. Companies are realizing that creating outstanding user experiences and making your business customer-focused is the key to success. In his latest book, Forrester Analyst Harley Manning explores how to create outstanding experiences for your users and what we can learn from the customer experience ecosystem. Thumbing through Outside In, we were seriously impressed with the data around… Read More

Twilio Queue: Building a Call Queue Metrics Dashboard

Whether you’re running a call center, just a small office, or have to deal with all of the incoming calls for an event one night, putting people on hold (aka call queuing) is important, but often a difficult technical process. Twilio’s newest verb Queue simplifies this problem by providing a set of features that let you easily enqueue and dequeue callers, provide custom wait experiences and… Read More

Battle of the Braces Recap: Treat Yo Dog and App Texts Win Big

A couple weeks ago, there was a showdown in NYC. The city’s best hackers came together for Battle of the Braces Round 3: Ruby and Python hosted at Meetup.com HQ. The goal was to build an app quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, all while entertaining the wildest of ideas. Hackers built apps to feed their dogs via text, change all the images on a webpage to pictures… Read More

TwilioCon 2012: President of frog Doreen Lorenzo to Keynote

The countdown begins! TwilioCon is coming in October and we’ve got a serious line of speakers and content. Today we’re very excited to announce keynote speaker Doreen Lorenzo, President of frog, who will speak to the intersection of design with the future of the cloud. Curious about the agenda? We’ll be releasing content details and agenda next week so stay tuned. Learn more about the other speakers… Read More

Meet Queue: A New Twilio Verb To Simplify Call Queues

Today we introduce you to <Queue>, the newest member of the Twilio family. This new verb allows developers to build a call queue in just a few lines of code, making it even easier to manage and route multiple inbound calls. Twilio <Queue> makes creating call queues as easy as creating a Twilio Conference.  With just a few lines of TwiML, you can easily utilize Queue… Read More