#TCDisrupt: Tacos, Top Code and Twilio-Powered Hacks

At the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon, hundreds of hackers and over 35 API sponsors poured into the concourse exhibition warehouse to build the next big thing.

Hackers from all over the world came out to talk shop, devour pizza, and inaugurate the future. With respect and prizes up for grabs, there was good reason to choose coding over sleeping.

Let’s take a quick look at the stats:

    • 300+ hackers
    • 151 apps built, 37 Twilio-powered
    • 150 Taco Bell tacos were devoured in under two minutes, a 4am delivery by Jeff Lawson
    • 112 karma and 50 comments racked up by MemStash on HackerNews
    • 78 APIs used
    • 9 Disrupt hacks were featured on TechCrunch, 5 of those were Twilio-powered
    • 1 new drinking game was created by Eric Allen

Sleep is for Weak, Fourth Meal is for the Strong

Hacking started at 1:30pm on Saturday and went all through the night, with many of teams pulling all-nighters to polish up their hacks. Take a look at the late-night action before a surprise visit.

Our CEO, Jeff Lawson snuck past security and delivered a well-earned late-night fourth meal to the DOers still up coding. Take a look at all those tacos! 150 to be exact that disappeared seconds thereafter.

The Results: Demos and Winners

The teams fought sleep deprivation, hunger, spotty WiFi, and even finger cramps from coding to make it to the final stretch: demo time.

Each of the API sponsors chose a winner for their individual prize, and the three overall winners each got a backstage interview and a one minute demo slot at the popular TechCrunch Disrupt conference going on this week. All of the teams who presented at the hackathon were awarded with free passes to the Disrupt Conference.

A total of 37 Twilio-powered hacks were shipped, an overwhelming amount of awesome apps. It was tough to choose a winner from this impressive group  but one stood out with a little extra gusto.

Pitchback lets users livestream any pitch and get realtime feedback with SMS. The practical applications of this really won us over – lectures, demo pitches, conferences, the list is endless. Built by Vladimir Gurovich, John Davison, and Jonathan Resner, this app utilized AT&T Cloud Architect and the OpenTok API in addition to Twilio SMS.

Take a look at the list of these top Twilio-powered hacks from Disrupt. You won’t be disappointed:

The overall winners of the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon were Livebolt, Auctopus, and Heatdata. Read more about them here. Take a look at our Storify post on all the action at the hackathon. Lastly, thank you to TechCrunch, all of the sponsors, and especially all of the developers for making this a truly unforgettable experience. See you next time!