Plan Employee Shifts and Scheduling from Anywhere with When I Work

You don’t want an angry Mexican Wolf on your hands. And you definitely don’t want an angry Brown Bear on your hands. Those guys expect to be fed on time, so if a Columbus Zoo employee is late to feeding time, it’s a problem.

Chad Halvorson (pictured left), CEO of When I Work, saw many businesses, such as the Columbus Zoo, spending valuable time fussing with planning shifts and struggling to communicate their schedule to employees. Chad had worked for companies building interactive websites, client service apps and event management systems. He saw a need for a streamlined system and decided to create When I Work, an app that makes scheduling easier for employers and employees alike so they can avoid dealing with hungry 600 pound Brown Bears.

When I Work has an easy to use dashboard where managers can plan shifts, request coverage, and calculate shift wages. Once the manager sets the schedule and publishes it, a text is sent out to all the employees detailing their next three shifts, powered by Twilio SMS. If an employee can’t work that shift and is going on vacation instead, they can request paid time off via the app. The manager will receive an email or text, and can authorize the time off or respond.

If your employee forgets when he’s working, he can text the When I Work system just like he’d text you. If he texts, “Do I work on Friday?” the system will check his schedule, then Twilio will send him back a “yes” or “no.” The app also integrates with Gcal and Outlook so their personal calendar is updated.

Since April, When I Work users doubled to over 50,000 people and Chad expects that user base to keep growing. With clients ranging from Harvard University to Jamba Juice to Medtronic, When I Work is rapidly expanding into new markets.

You can learn more about  When I Work here.