Join The FTC in their Fight Against Evil Robots

We take our role as a network provider seriously, and heavily invest in how we protect our customers from unsolicited calls and messaging. Keeping our developer ecosystem free of spam is essential so you can continue building with confidence. You can always read our Terms of Service and Best Practices Guidelines to learn more. We’re putting a call out to you to step up to this developer challenge from the Federal Trade Commision to help build an anti-spam tool for all consumers. Let’s fight those evil robots, also known as Robocallers!

If you’ve answered a call, only to be greeted by an unsolicited recording attempting to sell you some “revolutionary” product, you’ve experienced robocalling. The FTC is offering up $50,000 and a free trip to Washington D.C. to any developer, or team of developers, who can help end robocalling. You can submit a fully functional product, or a detailed proof of what you’ll build and how it works when the contest goes live tomorrow. Details on this contest can be found at Challenge.Gov.

Can’t wait to see what you build, let us know what you submit!