Teaming up with KDDI Web Communications to Bring Twilio to Japan

Following the launch of Twilio Voice-enabled phone numbers in Japan,  we’re excited to announce today an exclusive partnership with KDDI Web Communications (KWC) in Japan.

It’s an honor to work alongside such an incredible telecommunications company, as we further extend the Twilio platform to developers in Japan. Developers will have full access to the Twilio API with all the same features and capabilities in Voice, SMS and VoIP starting in the Spring of 2013.

We had the pleasure of hosting Nori Koide, the VP of Business Development KDDI  and his team in San Francisco during TwilioCon this month. There was a lot of time spent planning and outlining the plans for Japan:

There also was plenty of time to enjoy our new friends’ company too:

We recently visited KDDI Web Communications on their home turf for a hack night. Coding is the same across any language, and as we found out, so was the refreshment of choice – Asahi is delicious.

KDDI Web Communications will be the underlying carrier connectivity powering the Twilio API for customers across Japan.  Stay tuned for more announcements around availability this coming spring.