• I have watched Twillo for a long time now, but didn’t have the time to invest in understanding the TwiML.  As a full time .Net developer, I can’t believe it has taken Twillio this long to come out with a robust API for .Net developers!  Looking forward to diving in and creating a solution that will be disruptive to so many telco business models that have yet to understand what Twilllo is.

  • hey – how would Twilio work for adding SMS to a .Net 1.2 WinForms app?

    • Devin

      @5f68cab649b0df08afaa0f82444a1359:disqus : Right now our .NET wrapper libraries require .NET 3.5 or above, but remember that all the wrapper is doing is providing a way to make HTTP calls to our REST API.  So if your using a version of .NET earlier that 3.5, you can still make those calls yourself using the HttpWebRequest object.