TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon: Updated Schedule, Hacker League, Judges and Prizes

With TwilioCon quickly approaching, we can hardly contain our excitement for the crazy-awesome hacks and apps you will build at the TwilioCon Hackathon. We’ve given you an overview of the Hackathon and the services that, thanks to our sponsors, will be available for you to integrate with newly released and existing Twilio products. Below you’ll find the nitty-gritty: where to sign up, the schedule, the prizes, and what the judges are looking for.

Get Registered and Ready

When you registered for TwilioCon, you hopefully checked a box that said “I’m coming to the Hackathon”. If not, don’t worry, you can still join us Wednesday, October 17th at 5:45pm in the SF Concourse Exhibition Center. Join a project now or post your own idea on Hacker League.

The Schedule

Wednesday, October 17
5:45pm – Kickoff
6:15pm – Sponsor demos & food
7:30pm – Hacking begins
11:45pm – Hacking closes
12:00am – Demos
12:45am – Awards
1:00am – Go home and rest for Thursday

The Prizes

If you’re into gadgets, gizmos, and sweet swag, you’ve come to the right event. Jeff Lawson, Twilio Co-founder and CEO, Craig Kitterman, Windows Azure Sr. Technical Product Manager, and Patrick McKenzie, Kalzumeus Founder & CEO will be judging the Best Overall Hacks based on creativity, originality, and conceptual and technical merit. Here’s a look at the Grand and Runner Up prize packs.

First Place – Best Overall Hack

One team will be awarded the following First Place prize package:

Second Place – Best Overall Hack

One team will be awarded the following Second Place prize package:

  • SparkFun Inventor’s Kits for Adruino for each member of the team
  • Twilio Credit for the team
  • 100GB Account for life from Dropbox

From Our Sponsors for Best Use of their Service:

  • Amazon Web Services – Kindle Paperwhite for each member of the winning team
  • Box – $600 Amazon Gift Card
  • Dropbox – 5 User Teams license (1-Year) + Dropbox gear for the winning team
  • Ducksboard – Android 4.0 Mini PC MK802 for each member of the winning team
  • Mashery –  $400 Amazon gift card
  • SendGrid – $200 Apple gift card to each member of the winning team
  • Singly – $1,000 Amazon Gift Card
  • SoundCloud – Midi Fighter 3D
  • Windows Azure – Jawbone Jambox for each member of the winning team

Register for TwilioCon and join us at the Hackathon! Use the code HACKATHON25 to get 25% off your conference pass.

  • Jacob

    This is potentially very useful.
    How many people can you have in a conference before audio quality begins to degrade?

  • John Sheehan

    This is great stuff. Curious though why you require the Dial element to surround Conference. If the latter always requires the former, why not just skip the nesting?

  • Guillaume Filion

    Wow! This is brilliant! I was confused at first because “simple conferencing” is so simple. :)
    Do you have plans to make/receive H.323/SIP/Skype calls with Twilio? The ability to make H.323 calls with Twilio combined with this new conferencing feature would be really great for us!
    You guys are impressive, keep up the good work!

  • Danielle Morrill

    Currently conference calls with Twilio are limited to 20 participants at a time.

  • Evan

    John, the motivation is that Conference is a noun and Dial is the verb. You “Dial” into a “Conference”. Verbs can have action handlers allowing Twilio to send you status information or input after the verb execution is complete. When the conference is done, control transfers to the Dial action handler letting you continue your application.

  • David Rudder

    How does the billing for this feature work? I’m working on an mashup that asks Twilio to dial-out to the users. If it calls 5 people and conferences them together, so it’s 5 outbound calls, does it cost 3 cents or 15 cents per minute?

  • Danielle Morrill

    Hi David, billing is on a per call basis, so for 5 outbound calls it will be $0.03 minute per caller – or $0.15 per minute

  • Bell Mike

    Good service. I would love to try it out.

  • Dave

    You guys sound very excited. I can read it in your text! How far do you expect to go with this and where do you feel you compare with other products?
    Looks great by the way…

  • Nimish V Adani

    Why is Conference nested within Dial and not a separate verb in itself? Is it purely for syntactic purposes? Can’t think of any use case for the same.