TwilioCon 2012: Jeff Lawson Introduces the Newest Twilio Products with Global Reach

TwilioCon 2012 kicked off today with an opening keynote from our CEO Jeff Lawson, sharing the story of where we’ve been, where we’re going and the community of DOers who make it all possible. He also announced Twilio’s latest product updates, global reach and brand new APIs for developers.

We look forward to continuing our growth, powered by an incredible community of developers and DOers who are changing the future of communications. Here’s a look at the latest Twilio tools we’ve built for you, which include Twilio availability on six continents, New APIs, WebRTC for Twilio Client, brand new Twilio Developer Profiles, and Premium Support.

One API, Global Reach

DOers, developers and businesses are everywhere, which is why we are very excited to have announced the availability of Twilio in more than 200 countries throughout the world. Now, developers across six continents have the power to build global communication solutions using the Twilio platform. Phone numbers are available in 40 countries, and for the very first time in Asia, Oceania, and South America. Learn more about our global reach and what approach we took to ensure the best quality communications anywhere in the world.

Enjoy a Better Developer Experience with New APIs

It’s our job to provide developers with the best tools possible to build their products. This new suite of APIs allows you to build even stronger, more robust, apps with richer analytics.

Test Credentials: Test your code against the Twilio API and enable new features without fear. Bonus: don’t spend a penny. This API gives developers the tool to test edge cases safely without actually placing a call or sending an SMS, and without using Twilio credit.

Usage API: This API gives developers a REST endpoint to query any type of Twilio usage with a single API call. Slice and dice usage over any date-range or time-interval, query high-level aggregate metrics like call-minutes and sms-messages, or dive down to specific call, message, and phone-number types. Now build dashboards and usage-based billing systems easier than ever.

Usage Triggers API: Create triggers that webhook to your app when it crosses usage thresholds. Triggers can fire based on any type of usage from a specific call-type to pricing limit, and can be automatically reset and recurring. This powerful concept allows developers to offload the heavy-lifting of monitoring usage caps and costs to Twilio’s cloud infrastructure.

WebRTC for Twilio Client

We’re very excited to introduce the next advancement for Twilio Client with the WebRTC beta. WebRTC allows web browsers to conduct real-time communications, and provides an improved user experience, compared to Flash. Twilio Client will automatically detect what a browser is capable of, and use the optimal technology for it. Sign up for the WebRTC for Twilio Client beta.

Create Your New Twilio Developer Profile

Create your own Twilio Developer Profile through your Twilio Account and showcase your developer skills and projects. This is a place where you can collect a portfolio of the work you do with Twilio, as well as opt to freelance for those looking for developers to help with their own Twilio projects. Already have a Twilio Developer Profile? It has a brand new look, so dive in and give it a update with your latest Twilio-powered projects.

Premium Support

It’s a new dawn of support at Twilio with the launch of Premium Support. During today’s keynote, we announced three new paid Premium Support plans for those customers who require guaranteed response times, phone support or 24×7 emergency response. And, like everything else on Twilio, contracts or minimum commitments aren’t needed. Upgrade this month, downgrade the next, or move back to the free plan. It’s that simple. Learn more about our Premium Support plans within your user account.

  • John R Live

    just in time been debating between providers think I am going towards twilio now, for sure.

    • Twilio

      Thanks John, let us know if you have any questions. Happy to help when you begin implementing Twilio.

  • Hugo Romano

    WebRTC for Twilio Client looks very promising.

  • Rafal Dyrda

    Can’t wait to launch a new feature in GeniePad based on Twilio :) Use case already approved by current customers, they love it! THANKS TWILIO!

    • Twilio

      That is awesome – let us know when you launch it!