TwilioCon 2012: The 12 Keynote DOers

This morning on stage, Jeff Lawson highlighted 12 teams of people that embody the spirit of challenge and are driving the change we see in the future of communications. These DOers are launching apps that can help the deaf communicate, help people prepare for natural disasters and allow you to control physical devices via the Internet of Things.

Meet these developers and entrepreneurs who are building next generation tools.

Meet the DOers

Faye Anderson
Faye built the Cost Of Freedom Voter ID app which makes it easier for voting rights activists, anyone and everyone to get up to date information on voting requirements via SMS.

Emily Wright (and teammates)
With the help of her Code For America fellows and the City of Austin, Emily put together, an app that helps people prepare for natural disasters by sending risk assessments and weather forecasts from the National Weather Service via text.

Prashant Singh (and  teammates)
Prashant and his Code For America teammates Alicia Rouault and Matt Hampel worked with the Detroit Department of Transportation to give Detroit residents realtime SMS updates on DDOT’s bus schedule with Text My Bus.

Tess Rinearson and Drew Inglis
Tess and Drew had an idea at Penn Apps in January of 2012: build something that could convert intention into action. They launched, an app that allows you to call Congress with one click. This app was integral in the SOPA and PIPA protests, and powers many grassroots campaigns.

Tiago Paiva
Tiago built Talkdesk, a browser based call center that you can set up in under five minutes. Talkdesk is easy to integrate with Salesforce, Highrise and Zendesk, and recently launched their call center app at TechCrunch Disrupt. Talkdesk is a Twilio Fund alumni as well as part of the 500 Startups family.

Kunal Batra
Kunal streamlined communication for the deaf and hearing impaired with Deaftel which allows deaf people to communicate on any mobile phone, and works for deaf users who don’t have access to SMS.

Daniel Palacio
Daniel Palacio founded Authy which allows you to add two factor authentication to your website or mobile app in under two minutes via SMS.

Brett and David Kopf
As an undergrad, Brett was sick of juggling multiple due dates for different classes. So, he created Remind 101, an easy way for teachers to communicate with students by text so they stay on top of due dates and assignments.

Seth Bannon   
Seth Bannon wanted to leverage social networks to help non-profits and cause driven organizations raise money. He founded Amicus, a fundraising platform that connects organizations with their supporters.

Ash Rust
Ash Rust started Sendhub as a way for teachers to reach students in under resourced communities. The company quickly grew in size and scope and now offers businesses a way to engage their customers by texting them.

Pete Moore & Marcus Schappi
Pete Moore & Marcus Schappi made NinjaBlocks to connect digital commands to physical results. The tiny cloud enabled computers allow you to do anything from turning a light on with a text, to playing a horrible sound when your dog jumps on the couch.

Kiril Savino
Kril Savino brought major league scoring to amateur sports with a mobile app. The GameChanger app delivers real-time news alerts about amateur sports to fans worldwide, and generates about as much data in one afternoon as the MLB does in a season.

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