TwilioCon Gets a Wedgie, Happy Hour Tonight at Bloodhound

You can’t go wrong modelling a product after Pac Man. It’s a classic, it’s recognizable, and it’s what Jimmy Jacobson based his design on for his social polling service, Wedgies. Wedgies brings a real-time twist to social polling, and displays voting data in pie charts and bar graphs similar to designs of Pac Man and Guitar Hero. The emphasis is on making polling fun, accessible and easily understood.

Jimmy Jacobson, creator of Wedgies and API Developer at Zappos, says, “the more fun something is, the more likely people are to interact with it.” He shows me a picture of a giant pie chart displayed on a Jumbotron at the NCAA West Conference asking “Would you rather see a buzzer beater of alley oop?” Users can text a Twilio number log their votes, and Wedgies adjusts the graphs as texts are received.

Wedgies is presenting in the TwilioCon Community Hall alongside fellow Vegas startups Rumgr, and DocBeat.  The three startups will be hosting a post-Twilio Con Workshop Day happy hour at Bloodhound Bar at 1145 Folsom Street from 6:30PM on. This will be a “Vegas Style” happy hour which, in Jimmy’s words, means “drinking until the money is gone. So grab a drink tonight with some great DOers.