Startups from Five Developer Communities Featured in the TwilioCon Community Hall

At TwilioCon 2012, eighteen startups from five developer communities will be joining us in the Community Hall to demo their products. We’re excited for you to get to know these great companies and see what they are building. The Community Hall will be open throughout the conference on October 17th and 18th. It’s not too late to register for TwilioCon and meet these awesome startups in person next week.


  • BetterVoicemail – Completely customizable and professional voicemail for your mobile phone
  • EagerFans – Crowdfunding for concerts
  • PublikDemand – File complaints against big businesses via SMS
  • Sparefoot – Online marketplace for self-storage

Bay Area

  • – Simple web and mobile uploads
  • LineUP – iOS app that lets you purchase and manage regular or toll-free phone numbers
  • Order Mapper – Mobile commerce made easy
  • Qwikon – Mobile marketing designed for business owners
  • TwilBill – Subscription billing package for Twilio developers and companies
  • VerbalizeIt – Instant phone and web-based access to a community of human translators

East Coast

  • FoundIt! – Get back stuff you lose. Return things you find.
  • Genral – Bringing the intelligence of machine learning to telephony
  • TrialX – Connecting patients with clinical trials that match their health conditions


  • Lizi – Makes meeting scheduling feel as easy as having a personal assistant
  • Talk to the Manager – Business owners can immediately receive and respond to anonymous customer comments via SMS

Vegas Tech

  • Docbeatapp – Private physician network that enables collaboration
  • Rumgr – Buy and sell with people nearby
  • – Simple web and SMS surveys to share with anyone

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