What is the Future of Communications? TwilioCon Speakers Weigh In

Smoke Signals, SMS, and Sketchy Marketing Tactics

This year’s TwilioCon focuses on building the future of communications. We’re bringing together the developers and DOers who are busy creating this future to discuss what communications will look like down the road. To help map this out, we asked our  TwilioCon speakers, “What is the future of communications?”

Their answers ranged from smoke signals, to SMS and online commerce integration, to developer powered open platforms. Find out what CloudPassage, Shopify and Mashery had to say below. Register today for TwilioCon 2012, taking place October 16 – 18 in San Francisco at the SF Design Concourse.

Rand Wacker (VP of Product at CloudPassage)

“Any message by any channel on any device.  Also, smoke signals.”

Smoke signals definitely don’t seem to be the most secure method of communication for your users. Rand will address smoke signals and other cloud security issues during his panel  “Security and Fraud Prevention with Next Generation Communications” at TwilioCon.


Josh Gosse (iOS Developer at Shopify)
“Tighter integration between telecommunications and the real-world in a growing number of scenarios, ie. Payments, data, notifications, etc.”

Josh envisions a future in which you can order and pay for a pizza with one text. He hasn’t quite built that technology yet, but he will tell you how build an SMS powered doorbell so you can check in visitors and unlock your door from your iPad, without leaving your seat during his panel with Lucas Harding.

Delyn Simons (Vice President of Developer Platform at Mashery)
“Communications is becoming increasingly defined by engagement. In the developer world, traditional marketing communications has been supplanted by community interaction. This is not unlike the trajectory we see for all forms of communication.”

Delyn has worked with developers for years to help them market their product. But, marketing is not always as efficient, as code. At TwilioCon, Delyn will give developers the 101, on what marketing tactics to avoid, and how to engage their community.