Fancy Hands Brings Personal Assistants to Everyone

Raising kids can be a full time job. Raising two kids while writing a book and trying managing bills all at the same time is nearly impossible. Ted Roden (pictured right) found this out the hard way. In trying to be a dad, a novelist, and a professional organizer he discovered he needed help. But, he didn’t hire an assistant. Instead, he founded a company, Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands offers assistants for everyone. Ted earnestly admits “Fancy Hands was born out of necessity for me. My life was too busy and I needed an assistant, but didn’t want to hire one full-time. So I built a program that assigned tasks to a group of assistants.” Fancy Hands gives the gift of productivity to their users, planning out their schedules, making calls to third parties for their users, and doing anything and everything from finding a new dog walker to finding a reliable car service.

Here’s how it works, say you needed to book a hotel in Seattle but don’t have the time to search and book the best hotels in your price range. You can contact Fancy Hands and be connected to a personal assistant who will take care of the logistics for you and send you a record of their research, calls to hotels, and your itinerary. If you’re running short on time before your trip, you can send a Fancy Hands assistant out to grab your last minute groceries, luggage and anything else.

Fancy Hands uses Twilio to keep assistants and users up to date on requests, and changes in scheduling via Twilio Conferencing and SMS notifications. If a user wants a recording of the call Fancy Hands made on their behalf, it’s easy with Twilio. “If our clients need us to patch them in, we can do that with Twilio. If our clients want us to set up a conference call, we can do that for them. They can call or send us an email and tell us what’s needed and we can create conference calls with up to 40 people, it’s pretty slick,” says Ted.

The Fancy Hands team is focused on expanding their mobile availability and scoring new partnerships with companies that will add to the personal assistant experience. As for Ted, he’s turning to his own company to make sure his schedule, and his teams schedules don’t get too crazy. For more on Fancy Hands, you can visit their website.