Introducing The Newly Revamped Twilio DOer Gallery

We revamped our DOer Gallery to highlight the people behind the amazing apps built on Twilio. The gallery is a place to check out other Twilio developer projects, meet a fellow coder in your area, or be found for contract work. The new Gallery profiles to allow you to better show off your skills and expertise, along with what you’ve been working on. If you don’t have a Gallery profile, set one up through your account here. If you do have one, make sure it’s updated with your latest info. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the gallery:

  • Get started by creating a profile featuring your preferred programming languages, and links to what you’re currently working on. Your DOer profile picture will be pulled from Gravatar. Here’s what your profile will look like in your account.

  • Include your location and connect with hackers in your area.

  • Plug your website, Github and social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Include what tech you’re interested in, whether you build on AWS, code iPhone apps, or dabble with Facebook’s API.

We will be featuring a few DOers from the gallery on our blog in a “DOer of the Month” feature, as well as including them in our monthly newsletter. Stay tuned as we continue to add features to the gallery and if you have things you want to see, let us know by emailing