Cards, Code, and The App That Doesn’t Exist: The Magic Behind iPredict+

How do you build an app that doesn’t exist? That’s a question only a magician can answer and a problem only a hacker can solve, and the central question for Greg Rostrami, Randy Croucher and Hani Naguib, the team behind iPredict+. iPredict+ is a fortune telling app used by magicians for card prediction tricks. If all goes according to plan, no one notices the magician ever used… Read More

Shipping a Conference – CascadiaJS

Join the conversation on Hacker News! Back in July, someone named Troy Howard sent me a tweet. I didn’t know him personally, but I knew he was involved in the JavaScript community in Portland: @thoward37 had a quick question (@mikeal pointed me your way), could you shoot me an email at — Carter M Rabasa (@CarterRabasa) July 16, 2012 I wanted to talk to Troy… Read More

You Need My Guy: How a DryWall Mishap Sparked a Social Hiring Site

Joe Cassara (pictured right) hired a drywall contractor who had multiple references, all of which checked out. Still, he left Joe with some poorly hung drywall and tasked with finding another handyman to fix the job he just paid for.  While Joe was looking for a new drywall guy, he was struck with an idea for a new business: socially powered hiring site You Need My Guy…. Read More

WebRTC for Twilio Client Now Available

Twilio Client just got better! Today, we are happy to announce general availability of Twilio Client with WebRTC; only a few days after Google Chrome announced general support for it. This latest version of Twilio Client offers improved audio quality and a better user experience for calls to and from the browser. WebRTC is an open source project focused on adding real-time communication capabilities to the… Read More

CU Wireless Brings Secure Mobile Banking To Customers with Twilio SMS

Credit unions are known for great rates—but not necessary great technology. The mission of CU Wireless, a subsidiary of Maps Credit Union, is to change that. Formerly known as Credit Union Wireless, the company offers technology services and financial apps to nearly four million credit union members around the country. In the course of rolling out a mobile banking initiative, the technology team at CU Wireless… Read More

CloudSquads Offers Click-to-Call and Transcription in the Salesforce Cloud with Twilio

This guest post is from Ashish Seth (pictured right) – Co-Founder and CEO at CloudSquads.  Ashish is admittedly “obsessed” with helping enterprises make their business social, measurable & actionable. When he’s not obsessing with social media and communities – you could find him playing cricket, exploring the outdoors, or trying out the newest restaurant in town. Find out more about Cloudsquads by visiting their website  or… Read More

Dynamic Extensions for Customer Support Follow Ups using Return2Me

We’ve all be there–Weeding through a labyrinth of menu options before we FINALLY get a support rep on the phone. Often, the feeling is fleeting, as we need to find some paperwork, documentation or some other detail that isn’t immediately on hand, and we’re told that we should call the support line again once the info is ready or the documentation is faxed over. What about a… Read More

Booking Bug Leverages Twilio SMS To Empower Small Businesses

The inspiration for BookingBug arose when CEO Glenn Shoosmith was having trouble booking a squash game at his sports center. Realizing that many service businesses lacked an efficient means of online scheduling, he set out to create one. Together with Gregory Bockenstette, he co-founded BookingBug in 2009 to provide service businesses with a user-friendly means of adding an online scheduling system to their website, Facebook page or… Read More