Sketchnotes at TwilioCon 2012: Steve Blank on Building a Great Company

Artist, Hacker Alexis Finch

Alexis Finch takes notes differently than most: she sketches her way through presentations and interprets it visually on paper. Last year she shared two great Sketchnotes from TwilioCon 2011 talks including Oren Jacobs of Pixar and Adrian McDermott of Zendesk. Lucky for us, Alexis attended TwilioCon 2012 and captured keynote speaker Steve Blank in a rad new Sketchnote.

Steve Blank is the author of The Startup Owner’s Manual and 12 Steps to the Epiphany. He gave an inspiring presentation about how you can build a company step by step, and fail less. See Alexis’ Sketchnotes below and be sure to take a look at other Sketchnotes from TwilioCon 2012 like the Connecting with Customers and RealTime Panel, and Dave McClure and Naval Ravikant’s Fireside Chat on Flickr.

Steve Blank: TwilioCon 2012

Alexis has been doodling and scribbling her way through lectures since high school, being one of the lucky few never to have been told there was a ‘right way’ to take notes. She now works to make opaque topics in technology [and beyond] memorable and easy to understand through humor and metaphor. When not wielding a pencil, she freelances as a UX/Human Factors/Brand Strategist. Follow Alexis on Twitter @AgentFin.