iFactor: Bringing SMS Notifications to Customers with Twilio

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 8.58.55 PMWhen your power goes out there are typically two questions you ask yourself: where are the flashlights, and when is the power coming back on? While the location of your flashlights is still a mystery, iFactor is working on solutions to keep you posted about when your power is coming back on.

iFactor offers digital communication solutions to power grid companies so their customers can stay up to date on outages, account balances, and anything having to do with the grid. For example, if the streetlight in front of your house is out, you can use iFactor’s StreetLightOutages software  to view an interactive map where you can report outages and see when your streetlights will be back up and running.

Notifi is one of iFactor’s more popular solutions, which allows grid companies to proactively communicate with their clients using Twilio SMS notifications and Voice. iFactor is able to send out hundreds of thousands of SMS messages at once to customers who have lost power in a storm, alerting them when the power will come back on. Additionally, grid customers can text their utility provider to request an update or report an outage.

iFactor’s CEO and President, Shazir Khan says Notifi, Storm Center, iFactor Mobile and StreetLightOutages are designed to address the utility industry’s specific needs for their customers. “Integrating our software with different business processes and utilities is a key driver for our success,” says Shazir.

Notifi also uses Twilio Voice to place phone calls to customers, updating them on power outages, energy usage, or to remind them about an upcoming bill. Customers can stay on top of their bills, and monitor their power usage using iFactor’s Mobile Apps for iOS and Android by Twilio’s SDKs.

You can learn more about iFactor by visiting their website here