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Ringing In The Anniversary of Callin’ Oates


One year ago today Callin’ Oates, the emergency Hall and Oates hotline, launched with much fanfare. And to celebrate, the Callin’ Oates family is growing, with eight brand spankin’ new (old) Hall and Oates tracks and four additional punny hotlines to welcome into the fold.

Then a newly minted Twilion and die-hard Hall & Oates fan, Michael Selvidge originally built the hotline alongside Reid Butler with some simple IVR docs and a few lines of code. Callin’ Oates had the goal of answering questions like “Can you really rely on the old man’s money?” and “Are private eyes watching you?”

Over a million people called in to hear the dulcet tones of both Hall and Oates, and we’re pretty sure that having this helpline at the ready got at least one caller out of a sticky situation. Michael and Reid have now set up a few more emergency musical hotlines to satisfy your craving for anything from ‘80s synth pop to ‘60s – 70’s Americana. Sorry, ‘90s is just too current, you’ll have to wait a few more years for the Pearl Jam hotline.

New: Bob Dialin’ (Bob Dylan Helpline) – +1 (615) DYLAN – 26
Did you forget how if feels to be on your own, with no direction home? Do you need shelter from the Bob Dylan-less storm? Don’t think twice, call Bob Dialin’ to hear your favorite Bob Dylan tunes.

  • Press #1 for “Like A Rolling Stone”
  • Press #2 for “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”
  • Press #3 for “Shelter From The Storm”
  • Press #4 for “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”

New: Diamond Rings (Neil Diamond Helpline) – +1 (424) 543 – NEIL
Hankering for some Neil? Play it now, play it now, play it now my baby… Here’s what Diamond Rings has to offer.

  • Press #1 for “Cracklin’ Rosie”
  • Press #2 for “Sweet Caroline”
  • Press #3 for “Crunchy Granola Suite”
  • Press #4 for “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”

New: Phil Call-ins (Phil Collins Helpline) – +1 (424) 888 – PHIL
Whether you need to hear that iconic drum fill on “In The Air Tonight” in a pinch, or just figure out what exactly Phil Collins is saying on “Sussudio,” you can count on Phil Call-ins.

  • Press #1 for “Easy Lover”
  • Press #2 for “Against All Odds”
  • Press #3 for “In The Air Tonight”
  • Press #4 for “Sussudio”

New: If You Ring Me Now (Chicago Helpline) – +1 (34724) 25 (or) 624
Saving If You Ring Me Now in your contacts is almost as good as having Peter Cetera’s cell number. Just give it a call to hear your favorite Chicago songs.

Press #1 for “25 or 6 to 4”
Press #2 for “Saturday In The Park”
Press #3 for “Old Days”
Press #4 for “Baby, What A Big Surprise”

Updated: Callin’ Oates (Hall and Oates Helpline) – (719)-26-OATES
Dial in to the hotline that started the whole viral sensation and let Hall & Oates take you away to a ‘70s to early ‘80s dreamland. With all new classics and even a B-side or two.

Press #1 for “When The Morning Comes”
Press #2 for “You Make My Dreams”
Press #3 for “Everytime You Go Away”
Press #4 for “Say It Isn’t So”
Press #5 for “Had I Known You Better Then”
Press #6 for “Adult Education”
Press #7 for “Out Of Touch”
Press #8 for “Go Solo”

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