Secure Quorum Streamlines Incident Management Powered By Twilio Conference

People panic in emergencies. It’s hard for us to walk and not run to the nearest exit. It’s hard for me to not call for help when I can’t find my keys. Secure Quorum is trying to bring organization to crisis and incident management, making it easier for businesses to handle emergencies.

Secure Quorum is an emergency management application that helps get the right information to the right people quickly so they can decide how to handle the situation. Co-founder, John Zurawski, hopes to “short circuit the confusion that occurs during a crisis” and provide an “intelligent and automated” alternative to a frenzy of email, texts and calls by offering automated conferencing, SMS updates, and call status tracking.

Say there’s a PR emergency at 3AM and you need to get the board of directors on the phone immediately. Using Secure Quorum, you can log the details of the emergency through an incident template and determine which questions should be asked when you set up a call. You then click a button to get all the decision makers on a Twilio Conference call.

Let’s be realisitic, not everyone is available for an emergency call at 3AM. Users can set up a list of staff they’d like to be contacted in the event of an emergency, and in what order they should be contacted. If your first contact doesn’t pick up, Secure Quorum will automatically call the next person on the list using Twilio Queue.

John aims to expand Secure Quorum into more than just a emergency response system and eventually offer one way broad systems designed to notify thousands of people at once. For now, they’re focusing on building out their three-week old management system with features like two factor authentication for users via Twilio SMS.

To try out Secure Quorum’s beta trial, launched November 12th, visit their website here.