TwilioCon Keynote Videos Live: Jeff Lawson and Evan Cooke

This past October, TwilioCon 2012 brought together the DOers and the developers building the next generation of communications. It was incredible to gather all these people in one space for three days of sessions, keynotes and serious hacking. We know some of you couldn’t make it to San Francisco, so we’ll be posting all the full session videos online starting with two keynote talks from Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and CTO Evan Cooke.

Jeff explains how we are the Army of 1’s and 0’s and covers all of the Twilio product announcements. Evan reveals how Twilio is improving scalability, your security in the cloud, and the open source projects we support.

More talks will be posted from TwilioCon in the next few weeks, stay tuned on the blog.