Inigral Helps Colleges Reach Students With Twilio SMS

Choosing the right college is difficult. It’s a big decision based on what you want to study, but it’s still influenced by smaller factors like where your friends are going to school, or how friendly your tour guide was. Those moments add up and play a huge role in deciding which university a student says “yes” to. Inigral is helping higher ed institutions figure out how… Read More

Build a Pure HTML Mobile App Landing Page with Twilio SMS and Parse

Every mobile app developer knows that all their hard work on UI, performance, and seamless platform integration means nothing unless a user actually finds, downloads and installs the app. Twilio SMS can help by allowing users to receive an app download link directly on their phone. Great mobile apps like Quora (pictured at right) and Flickr have used Twilio SMS to great effect, helping drive downloads… Read More

The International App: YooTok Offers Easy International Calling with Twilio

When my two sisters were both abroad at the same time, it was hard finding time to Skype with three different schedules and three different time zones. It would have been easier just to call them, but that wasn’t an option as a broke college student. YOOtok is hoping to make keeping in touch with your loved ones while abroad cheaper and easier by offering international… Read More

Michael Wawra: What Building Toasters Can Tell You About Twilio

Thomas Thwaites is a designer with an interest in science and technology. He was a student at the Royal Academy of Arts in London when he decided to build his own toaster. He bought a mass produced one for £3.94 and started by reverse-engineering it. To his dismay, Thomas discovered his toaster consisted of about 400 components made of over 100 different materials. Thomas’s TED Talk… Read More

Snow Via Text: How The Team At Poke Made London’s Rivington Street Snow

You can wish for it to snow, or you can make it snow via text. This past holiday season,  London residents walking down Rivington Street summoned snow flurries on command with one text. The interactive project was organized by London-based creative firm Poke. When the Hackney Council, asked Poke to give the borough of Hackney a bit of holiday magic, Creative Director Ben Tomlinson already had an… Read More

Android App Hushed Offers Temporary Numbers in Over 40 Countries

Disposable number app, Hushed, launched just 24 hours ago. But, in that time, they’ve logged over 2,000 downloads and the numbers are still climbing. Hushed, now currently available for Android, offers temporary numbers in over 40 countries using the Twilio Client Android SDK, with simple pricing plans and access to local numbers. We talked with co-founder Justin Shimoon about launching Hushed, and what his team’s future… Read More

GoCardless Creates Data Driven Support Using Twilio Powered Nodephone

This is a syndicated post, originally posted by Tim Rogers, Customer Support Manager at UK-based GoCardless, a service that allows you to accept  payment via links. Tim set up an internal tool for GoCardless called “Nodephone” using Twilio, Node.js, and to track customers’ support calls and requests. Using Nodephone, Tim organized GoCardless’ support data, tracked peak call hours, and developed customer profiles. He explains how… Read More

Reshaping the Contact Center for a New Era of Customer Interactions

With contact centers facing increasing requirements for agility, flexibility and cost reduction—along with an increasingly sophisticated customer—the time to consider moving to the cloud is now. If you’ve been considering this shift for your company, join our upcoming webinar featuring Forrester Research Principal Analyst Art Schoeller and Twilio CMO Lynda Smith. Moving your contact center to the cloud shouldn’t be driven by hype, but with careful… Read More