Android App Hushed Offers Temporary Numbers in Over 40 Countries

HushedLogDisposable number app, Hushed, launched just 24 hours ago. But, in that time, they’ve logged over 2,000 downloads and the numbers are still climbing. Hushed, now currently available for Android, offers temporary numbers in over 40 countries using the Twilio Client Android SDK, with simple pricing plans and access to local numbers. We talked with co-founder Justin Shimoon about launching Hushed, and what his team’s future plans are.

Download Hushed for Android here.

Was there any “aha” moment that sparked you to found Hushed?

What we realized was that there have been many cases in my life where i wish I had an anonymous number for the purpose of travel. In many of my travels where I had an extended stay, it would’ve been great to have a local number in that area so that my colleagues could contact me.

I also felt that the average user today pays over $60/month for a phone. The cost to have an additional line was not only not supported by the carriers, but it would be incrementally more expensive, in the case of Hushed, a 30 day number on a pay as you go plan is $1.99. This is quite compelling for people who want the comfort of having a second line.  We are already seeing such use case in the new Blackberry 10 – they have a way to build two profiles one for work and one for personal, with Hushed, you can add your number on your work line at a minimal cost.

How are you using Twilio and what other services are you using?

Twilio is part of the core platform – we have deeply integrated their VOIP technology as well as leveraged their team to ensure that the user experience of the highest quality. We have looked at other VOIP platforms and felt that Twilio was not only competitive but we would have the necessary support to grow with us.

How has the user response been?

We have been in private beta for a month now and are now live in the Android store. The user response has been exceptionally high, we have had some great feedback on what we can do to further improve the service as well because we have built a native app with Android, the app is like a phone within your phone. The client we built is simple and easy to use, picking a local number is a synch.  All our beta users are quite amazed at what we have been able to build.

What’s next for Hushed?

We are launching an iPhone version within the next 6 weeks and plan to build a Blackberry 10 Client as well.  We are also looking to extend the package options so users have more flexibility on what countries they can choose from.  We are also working on a way to give usage credits to our most active users.

Any parting thoughts?

Hushed is a unique app and can be used for various purposes, we believe that everyone has the right to own a 2nd number and now Hushed and Twilio have enabled this at a very low cost.

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