Call Tracking in Your CRM with Twilio, MailChimp and NetSuite

Clint Wilson, CTO, Cazoomi

Clint Wilson is the CTO of Cazoomi, provider of integrated solutions for CRM, ERP and cloud applications. Recently Cazoomi released a great add-on for the business software suite NetSuite that allows you to easily integrate Twilio into your email campaigns with MailChimp. Clint tells us more about it in his guest post below, read more about the app here.

What is NetSuite Call Tracking, Anyway?

Do you have to manage multiple online marketing campaigns internally, or are you trying to track both online conversions and phone call conversions?

At Cazoomi, our customers wanted to track phone conversions in their CRM, but struggled to find a solution. So we sought to create a NetSuite add-on that makes it easy to create email campaigns with call tracking enabled phone numbers.

Using Twilio’s simple, easy-to-use, phone number provisioning API and MailChimp’s email marketing platform, our team leads started building the Twilio Call Tracking Addon for NetSuite and MailChimp. Our SyncApps team specializes in building reusable integration applications available through our website. Within a few weeks they had added not only call tracking, but also the ability within the SyncApp to buy your Twilio phone number. Now with the Twilio Call Tracking Add-on you can easily tie incoming phone calls to contact records inside your CRM to capture real-time Email Marketing Campaign ROI.

As we’d hoped, users of the solution have found cool, creative ways to utilize it:

  • When a prospect calls one of the Twilio numbers on a MailChimp campaign or newsletter, the metrics are all tracked within NetSuite for anyone with access to follow on the lead/contact record.
  • If a sales development rep is away from their desk, for example, the sales development rep could get a NetSuite task assigned to them, and they could also have this automated to send them an email to get to that prospect in a set amount of time.  Think Marketing Automation.
  • The head of Marketing can now see how the Sales team is interacting with target marketing prospects, in real-time, as all the data around calls is tracked, in NetSuite.

By enabling NetSuite customers to sync and capture data on every incoming call, track every lead source and measure ROI easily, as well as buy Twilio numbers from SyncApps and associate them with an email marketing campaign, we’ve given our customers exactly the tools they needed. Our subscribers love the product as it offers them a simple way to achieve ROI on their NetSuite investment, identifying the most effective email channels, by using a simple marketing solution with Twilio and MailChimp.

Using our free Addon for SyncApps subscribers of NetSuite & MailChimp is one way to minimize the wall that exists between Sales and Marketing in any organization. Give it a try and let us know how you are using this call tracking tool.

  • Clint Wilson

    Great write-up Meghan and NetSuite, MailChimp & Twilio fans are sure to love this add-on.


  • Manoj Ranaweera

    Another great syncapp @Cazoomi:disqus – wonder whether there are any opportunities for an edocr Twilio app to add to our 14plus apps. Any thoughts?

    • Clint Wilson

      I think reporting back via PDF to the end user – Marketing, would be good as right now we are doing a NetSuite Bundle to do it.

      @ cazoomi

  • Kevin Day

    Great application of Twilio!

  • Eric scott

    i must appreciate your post which is helping us in a great manner .

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