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Codecademy Launches New Lessons with Twilio, New API Partners


Codecademy wants to help anyone learn how to code, so  people at least have a basic understanding of programming. Last January the team declared 2012 “Code Year”, challenging anyone and everyone to learn programming skills. Over 450,000 people joined, including NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Now in 2013, the team is expanding with new curriculums, including APIs, that further empower the newly-skilled developer. We are incredibly excited to be one of many great APIs launching lessons with Codecademy.

Alongside, NPR, Parse, Placekitten, SendGrid, SoundCloud, StripeSunlight Labs and YouTube,  the Codecademy community can start hacking their phones with intro lessons to Twilio SMS and Twilio Voice.

Read more about the new API lessons on the Codecademy blog.

The New API Lessons

What can you learn to build with these new lessons? Here are a few examples:

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