Call Tracking in Your CRM with Twilio, MailChimp and NetSuite

Clint Wilson is the CTO of Cazoomi, provider of integrated solutions for CRM, ERP and cloud applications. Recently Cazoomi released a great add-on for the business software suite NetSuite that allows you to easily integrate Twilio into your email campaigns with MailChimp. Clint tells us more about it in his guest post below, read more about the app here. What is NetSuite Call Tracking, Anyway? Do… Read More

How I Built My Mom A Donna Summer Themed Conference Line

On Christmas Day, my Mom’s phone rings off the hook. Every member of my gigantic family is calling, wishing her a happy birthday, and wishing our family a Merry Christmas. The phone is passed from me to my sister, to my other sister (We’re triplets. Poof pictured at right), to my Dad, and occasionally my dogs even get a turn to bark at my uncle or… Read More