The International App: YooTok Offers Easy International Calling with Twilio

yootok_logo_whiteWhen my two sisters were both abroad at the same time, it was hard finding time to Skype with three different schedules and three different time zones. It would have been easier just to call them, but that wasn’t an option as a broke college student. YOOtok is hoping to make keeping in touch with your loved ones while abroad cheaper and easier by offering international calling with Twilio.

There’s a moment when you land in a foreign country and instinctively try to send a text, where you forget your phone doesn’t work internationally. Instead of finding the nearest airport kiosk that sells calling cards, you can download the YOOtok app and start making calls immediately via Twilio.

YOOTok lets you turn nearly any iOS device into your new international phone you can call or text from. Greece-based founder Pavlos Mitsopoulos and his team at MobileLoft  report that users commonly use the app to make international calls from their iPod, iPad or iPhone while traveling abroad. As long as you have your iOS device in your pocket, you have your own personal international calling company at your command.

yootok_screen_3After you register your email with YOOtok, you get a dedicated Twilio number. From the app you can see how much you’ve spent calling your loved ones, and how much it’ll cost per minute to call them. YOOtok bills you through your iTunes app store account so you don’t have to enter in any additional credit card information.

While YOOtok is just months old, Pavlos and his team have already added more awesome features, like free call recording, call forwarding, and number dashboards. They’ve also worked out deals for users, offering them free call time if they purchase anything from YOOtok’s advertisers.  There are no contracts or commitments with YOOtok, so users can release number or stop their service as they please.

The app is currently only available for iOS devices, but Pavlos and his team are working on an Android version as well. You can download the app and learn more about YOOtok here.

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    Great app. I used this app. I really like it. its work perfectly. Thanks for sharing great info.!! recording app

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    Any alternative for android?