MeetMeTix Offers Last Minute Tickets via Twilio SMS

MeetMeTix CEO, Jesse Dyer

Outside of a sold out concert, you’ll see fans looking for last minute tickets. They will likely run to an ATM to take out unreasonable sums of money and pay for a ticket that may or may not be a dud. They might throw a hail mary, and hope that there are still tickets on Craigslist. As a rabid music fan, I’ll exhaust any possibility to get a ticket, but that doesn’t mean I should.

MeetMeTix offers a new way to buy and sell tickets via Twilio SMS at the last minute, securely and easily. Here’s how it works. Say you’re looking for tickets to the big game just a few hours before kickoff. You can search for ticket sellers on MeetMeTix, and connect with them via SMS. Don’t worry, your personal number is safe. MeetMeTix gives their users Twilio-powered anonymous numbers, solely for coordinating buying and selling tickets.

When you find the tickets you want, you can arrange a time and place to meetup with the buyer. To nab the tickets, just text “Buy” to the seller’s MeetMeTix number and then enter in your personal MeetMeTix PIN. You’re then charged through the credit card associated with your account. No cash withdrawals or bartering needed.

Jesse Dyer, CEO of MeetMeTix, says users have given “high praise” to the service. The MMT team tested out the platform in their hometown of Austin, TX. They went to nearly every major SEC football game and University of Texas game, offering fans a new way to buy and sell tickets.

As their community and user base grows outside of Texas, Jesse and his team are building out their platform and hoping to use targeted SMS to send users a curated list of events in their area, and available tickets.

You can search for tickets and check out MeetMeTix here.