Music Hack Day Recap: Bonhamize It, Saxophones As Keyboard Controls, Laptop Orchestras

58438_10151743526434908_1840223984_nYou give developers 24 hours to hack at Music Hack Day and the next thing you know they’re controlling your computer’s keyboard by playing saxophone. Seriously, that happened.

Music Hack Day challenged developers to build apps at the intersection of music and tech, but more specifically at TokBox HQ.

There were tons of great apps ranging from online karaoke to an app that logs the mood of your tweets and makes a corresponding playlist. You can find the full list of hacks here. Here are a few of our favorite Twilio apps along with pictures (courtesy of Gracenote) from the hackathon.

Twilio Apps

If you’re looking for that vintage Fender, or that hand hammered 22” dark ride, odds are your big chain music stores won’t have what you’re looking for. But, fellow musicians probably do. Instrumentio helps you connect via Twilio with fellow musicians to share gear.

Biscuit Orchestra
Forgot your pedal board, and your organ, and your Midi controller? No problem. Control a suite of laptops with plug ins, loops, patches and all via Twilio SMS with Biscuit Orchestra.

As we mentioned on our blog, Maebe lets you unlock new tracks from Beastie Boys and Trent Reznor through a Twilio Hotline. When you call (310) 299-8756, press two and choose what artist you’d like to leave a message for. After you leave the message, press pound and stay on the line to hear the new song you unlocked. You’ll receive a text from Twilio with a download link after the call.

musichack2Honorable Mention

The Bonhamizer
If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite song would sound like with the power house hard hitting style of Led Zepplin drummer John Bonham, wonder no longer. The Bonhamizer will re-interpret any song’s drum track and “Bonham-ize” it.