Apps to Empower: Build an App to Support Women in Developing Countries

Apps To Empower is trying to make the tablet a life changing device for women in developing countries. They need your help. They’re calling on developers to build apps that aid in conflict resolution, entrepreneurship training, mentorship, business planning and a whole host of other areas. You’re invited to think outside of the App Store, and build a truly important app. The deadline for app submissions… Read More

Music Hack Day App Lets You Unlock New Tracks From Beastie Boys and Trent Reznor

Ian Rogers, CEO of digital music service Daisy, a new company launched by Dr. Dre didn’t go into Music Hack Day with a specific idea, but in 24 hours built a Twilio app with two very special musical guests. Maebe lets listeners dial in to leave a message for specific artists like Trent Reznor, or Beastie Boys and follows up with download link to new music… Read More

Day in the Life: Being a Twilio API Software Engineer

Twilio is hiring a Senior Software Engineer for the API team! We’re looking for someone who is driven to improve and maintain our API framework, and build new features for customers. You can find out more about the job here, but why not take a walk in an API Engineer’s shoes? Guillaume Binet is the Lead Engineer on the API Team at Twilio, and will gladly… Read More

Real Gifts via SMS: Yiftee Launches GiftUp API, Secret Admirer Feature

Aldo Briano chose an interesting way to test out his company’s API — he decided to test it live at a hackathon. As co-founder of Yiftee, Aldo wanted to figure out an easier way for users to send gifts from local retailers virtually, that recipients could pick up in person. Aldo went to the Foursquare hackathon just to see what he could do with the Yiftee… Read More

To Save The Poet of El Barrio, mGive Twilio and Heroku Join Forces to Launch Hotline

Dial (630) 4-A-Rhyme or (630) 427-4963  to listen to some poems. Text “poetry” to 80077 to make a $5 donation to support public poetry On Friday, February 8, I read a heart-breaking story in the New York Times. Jesus “Papoleto” Melendez (pictured right), the poet and prophet of El Barrio, was about to be evicted. In some ways, the misfortune that befell the bard of Spanish… Read More

London Calling: Twilio Cures Hangovers, Hacks with Amigo Labs and Readies for MWC

Welcome, welcome, welcome! February is dominated by the monster that is Mobile World Congress. Team Twilio will be there in force. If you are attending the show then make sure you swing by and visit us in App Planet – we are booth number #8.1L14. In addition to MWC we are out and about at the following events over the next few weeks. Be sure to… Read More

Bangalore Gets Down to Business (of APIs)

Over the weekend, Twilio participated in our first-ever developer event in India, supporting around 300 developers in the Business of API hackathon. 37 hacks were demoed, and we were very impressed with the results. As always, Twilio DOers led the way with 25 of the 37 teams incorporating voice, SMS and VoIP in some capacity. One Twilio hack connected a user to a contact with custom… Read More

Hacking For Good: Cleans Up Kumasi With Twilio

Flying 7,500 miles from San Francisco to Ghana wasn’t new to Robin Bigio. He worked in Tanzania architecting new cookstoves and in Kenya building scalable water and hygiene businesses as part of’s Fellowship Program. But, Robin’s project in Kumasi, Ghana was a little different. His team’s goal was to address public defecation with the help of community members, and a Twilio powered app. He used… Read More

Our Mobile SDKs Just Got Better: Twilio Client iOS and Android updates

Today, we’re updating our iOS and Android Twilio Client SDKs. In addition to performance improvements, this release adds support for ARMv7s on iOS and x86 support for Android. To upgrade, just download our most recent version of the SDK and integrate it into your app. There have been no changes to the API, so you won’t have to make changes to your app. You can download… Read More