SideCar Launches in Austin, Provides Free Rides for Twilio #SXSW Party

sidecar_tagline (1) copyGet out of my dreams and get into my Sidecar! This upcoming SXSW you’ll find Sidecar all over Austin, TX including at our Twilio SXSW Get.Down event.

Party goers will be able to grab free rides to and from the event so you can cruise like an Austin local, with an Austin local.

How to Get A SideCar at Southby

Sidecar wants to make sure you can get to and from the shindig without any hitches along the way. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Download Sidecar (for free):
  • Enter 69 Rainey Street as your pickup or destination during our event March 8th
  • Enjoy your free, safe, super convenient ride from an Austin local

Speaking of the shindig, Twilio Get.Down 2013 is happening Friday, March 8th from 3pm to 8pm at Javelina. We’re inviting our friends, partners and the Twilio community to come enjoy beer, food, live music and more. Read more about the event here and how you can RSVP (or just text (512) 861-8833)

SideCar’s New Cities

SideCar is the on-demand ride sharing app that connects people who need rides with local drivers who can give them. In the past month, SideCar, based in San Francisco, launched in a handful of new cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Austin. Their SMS notifications and anonymous communications all powered by Twilio. Read more about what’s new with SideCar.

We are stoked for Sidecar’s fast expansion, and look forward to enjoying a ride (or three) during SxSW. See where we’ll be and sign up for more updates during SXSW at

Twilio-Powered Mobiles, SxSW 2012
Twilio-Powered Mobiles, SxSW 2012
  • Song Zheng

    Excited to see Twilio at SXSW this year! I’ll be actively looking out for Twilio’s Limited Edition Swag ;D

    • Twilio

      We’re excited to see you – make sure to join us at our afternoon event you’ll be sure to grab some swag

  • laughtiger

    Will these be free rides, or “free” rides with a “suggested donation?”

    • Twilio

      Completely complimentary – no shenanigans here.